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Co-Writing for the Win

Ever played that game where one person starts a story before handing off the baton, then the next adds to it before shuttling it back or on to someone else? I used to play the story game with my family when I was a kid, and we always tried to throw huge obstacles in the path of the person who was next up (think a giant rock hurtling down at the character's head), mostly because it was funny but also because it was interesting. Co-writing's kind of like that, but instead of throwing each other obstacles, Denise and I throw each other opportunities. And it's AMAZING. It makes the words flow like none other. It doesn't hurt that we've known each other for several years and trust each other's instincts. (I'm her developmental editor, so we're accustomed to working together, albeit under different circumstances.) You need to trust someone implicitly to write a book with them, because if you're each writing the POV of one character like we're doing in the Asheville Brewing books, your character is going to be in their scenes and vice versa. I love the way it turned out--the characters are more nuanced for being written by two people, and it turns out Denise and I are pretty good at sharing a brain. I feel so privileged to have written this book with such a fantastic writer and all-around awesome human being, and I hope you enjoy reading Any Luck at All as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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