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They're four best guy friends who think love is an affliction,

but fate - and a horrible psychic - have other plans for them.

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Does it count as cruel and unusual punishment if you’re forced to be an extra with your enemy?

I figured being a movie extra would be a harmless distraction—a way for me to forget that my life is imploding and I'm the one who pulled the trigger. But it turns out ninety percent of being an extra is sitting around, so I have nothing to do but dwell.

Worse, I have to spend every last minute on set with a woman who’s connected to the incident that sent my life off course. I’m determined to help her, thereby evening the scales of justice imbalanced by my parents, but Delia Evans is so sunshiney and naïve and…

Well, extra.

And, to my utter astonishment, I find myself wanting more of her.

It seemed like fate when I got hired to be in this movie. My high school crush is the lead actor, and judging by the number of times my mother has accused me of being dramatic, I’m a natural actress.

Only it turns out my former crush is a jerk, being an extra is shockingly boring, and I’m paired with a man whose last name ensures he's my enemy. Lucas Burke is gorgeous, but even if he weren’t a Burke, I could never fall for such a conceited know-it-all.

Or at least that’s what I think until accidents start happening on set…

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Never fall for the man who's supposed to help you get revenge...




It's not every day you get asked to be a bridesmaid for the wedding of your ex and your ex-best friend. Call me lucky? My grandmother thinks I'm crazy for agreeing, but I can't let those so-and-sos know they've pummeled my self-worth...even if it's true. 


Then my grandmother goes off the deep end and tells everyone that I have a boyfriend. A pediatric surgeon boyfriend. Worse, she's shown them his photograph.


The guy in question? He's a hot piece of bad news. He may have befriended my grandmother, but he's far from being in my good graces. So it surprises me when he makes an intriguing proposition.


Why play nice when you can get even? 




Shauna thinks she's going to pay me to play Chaos Coordinator. No need. Causing trouble is basically my calling in life. And if I can do that and spend time with a hot purple-haired ball buster?


Sign me up. 


Nothing good can come of any of this. Then again, I realized a long time ago that I'm no good for anyone, myself included. So we might as well have some fun.

You're so Bad

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It’s harder to run from love when you’re living with it.


I don’t want a new roommate.

I especially don’t want a new roommate who’s loud, mouthy, and so painfully hot I can’t keep my eyes off her.

Not that I’m interested in Mira Evans. She’s made it very clear that she agrees with the ex who famously broke up with me for being “too basic.”

But Mira breaks her ankle a few hours after moving in, and a couple of days later we're stuck in an the dark.

Secrets are revealed; lines are crossed. Now, this woman I wanted to avoid knows more about me than some of my best friends.


I'm a workaholic who can't work, and staying cooped up inside is driving me crazy. Not to mention my no-good ex-boyfriend took Halloween a little too literally this year and paid a psychic to hex me.

I might not believe in magic, but I can't deny I feel like I've been hexed. I have a broken ankle, and I'm falling for my roommate, a man who seems as adventurous as a pumpkin spice latte served up in a hand-knit sweater.

But getting stuck in that elevator with Danny proved to me there's much more to him than there appears to be...and I'm not the only one who's noticed.

Maybe cabin fever has amped up my paranoia, but I get the feeling we're being watched.

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Sometimes love comes after marriage.

When I quit my job, my boss threatened that I'd never work as a lawyer again...

I figured he was a fossil with an elevated sense of self-importance, but two months later, I have to admit he has reach. Only one firm is interested in giving me a job, and there's been a slight misunderstanding. One of the partners saw me with my best friend's sister, Ruthie, and her daughter, and now they think I'm a family man.

To my mind, wedding bells only lead to misery, but it seems to be the only reason they want to hire me. So I play along.

Of course, they want to meet my family, so I have to ask Ruthie, who's hated me for years, if she'd like a part-time job as my wife.

My brother's best friend is a vain, stuffed suit of a man, and one of my favorite past-times is teasing him. So I'm stunned when he asks me to pose as his wife.

Still…I can't deny it's a compelling offer. I'm trying to get my small business off the ground, but it's proven near impossible with my full-time waitressing job, lack of childcare, and terrible health insurance.

Shane is offering me a chance to turn my life around.

All I have to do is pretend to like him…

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Releases on Amazon & KU 
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