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I'm a romance author who writes solo books and has three cowritten series with Denise Grover Swank.

Here are the things you can expect in an Angela Casella or an Angela & Denise book:

ROMANCE. I love getting swept away! 

HEAT. My only sweet, low heat series is currently Asheville Brewing. Even when I have a slow burn (which I do love), things will eventually get steamy.

HUMOR. There's nothing I love more than laughing. Okay, maybe my daughter. 

HEART. And not just in the central relationship. The relationships we create with the other people in our lives are so important too. I love found family stories!

ANIMALS. Not in every book, but I adore them. Most of the time. My corgi would try the patience of a saint.

MYSTERY. Not always, but I do love popping a good mystery or antagonist in there to keep things interesting.


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