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I'm a romcom writer who writes solo books and cowritten novels with Denise Grover Swank.

Here are the things you can expect in an Angela Casella or an Angela & Denise book:

ROMANCE (duh). 

HEAT. My only sweet (i.e. low heat) series is Asheville Brewing. Even when I have a slow burn (which I do love), things will eventually get steamy.

HUMOR. There's nothing I love more than laughing. Okay, maybe my daughter. Maybe.

HEART. I love my characters so hard, and hopefully you will too! 

ANIMALS. Not in every book, but I love them, and so does Denise! Indeed, she has many more pets than I do. I just have two dogs, one of them a husky with a weight problem (the doctor's words; I admit to no such thing).

MYSTERY. Not always, but I do love popping a good mystery or antagonist in there.


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